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Since my parents have been gone, I tend to realize more of what is around me, and what has disappeared.

You get to feeling that your time here on earth will pass you by quicker than you think. Because a part of you (your family) is no longer roaming the earth...but just may be a part of it...or maybe a part of something else (angels, spirits, or whatever you believe in).

So what do you do now? Live your life to the fullest? Fall into a mass depression that you can't shake? I prefer none of these. I prefer to be happy and satisfied and I don't have to live my life to fullest either. The only thing I want to do, is just live it. Plain and simple. If I learn something along the way, then so be it.

Sure, I will always miss my parents because they are not on this earth, but that doesn't mean I still can't enjoy myself the way I like while I am here. Right? (meaning, not destructively)
My mood: pretty tired

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